TB&A Pro Tech Services

For repair or replacement of equipment purchased through TB&A, please fill out and submit the return authorization form below.

We generally respond within 24 hours, and we may call you to facilitate the best solution for your product repair or return.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-288-7351.

Return Authorization Form

Form Instructions: Complete the appropriate information and press the “Submit Return Authorization Form” button below when complete.

*Your name, phone and valid email address are required items on this form.

    Purchase Information

    Product Information

    Reason For Return


    Desired Outcome


    Upload Photos

    If the problem is shipping damage, please send us the following five (5) photos:

    1. Photo of Front of TV Box
    2. Photo of Back of TV Box
    3. Photo of Side of TV Box Showing Serial Number Clearly
    4. Photo of Damage
    5. Photo of the Back of TV Showing Serial Number Clearly on the White Sticker

    Click on the file button and attach your photos (JPEG, GIF or PNG file).

    Please note All Damaged TV’s must be reported within 30 days of receiving item.

    Privacy Statement: We ensure your privacy. We will not sell or rent your name or any information you provide to us.