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Swing Arms for Bedside Healthcare TVs and Devices

PDI-1407 supports 7 lbs and PDI-1413 supports 13 lbs

Transform the patient room and improve the experience by creating an interactive environment centered around the patient. The 1400 Series Arm is a sturdy 68″ extension that holds a PDi bedside HDTV or TV-TABLET display for the patient. This arm is built with removable wire shields that offer easy access to change cables as needed.

Allow the patient to easily adjust their viewing experience away from glare and to where it is most comfortable in their current position.

With just a light touch, the 1400 Series pneumatic nitrogen gas cylinder supportdesign can easily lift, swing, tilt or rotate or be placed in a compact, retracted position to free up space.

Changing cables in the 1400 Series arm is a snap. There is no need to remove the arm from the wall to replace cables. Simply swap cables by removing the newly designed full-length cable shields, make your changes and re-insert the shields.

Click here to download PDi Arm Mounted System Spec Sheet (2.1mb).


PDI 1400 Series Swing Arm Mount with Intelligent Cable Management

A sturdy 68” extension with a Clevis-style mount design. The 1400 Series can contain up to 5 cables for maximum functionality and usage.

  • Hospital UL Approved for hospital use in the US and Canada (UL/ UL 60065 Annex Q)
  • 68” Rigid extruded aluminum arm supports up to 13 lbs
  • Precise positioning and great stability with pneumatic nitrogen filled cylinders – no wire springs!
  • Anti-Recoil and Swivel Safety Features
  • Designed, tested, manufactured and assembled in USA

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