Digital Signage For Hospitals

TB&A can help your hospital or healthcare facility choose which models are the right choice for your application. From the hardware and size of the set, to the operating system and software to enable you to deliver the diverse messages you need to convey throughout your facility.

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Some important digital sign applications include:

Waiting Room and Lobby Displays

Show patient registration and check-in procedures, and display educational content to improve your waiting room experience.

Digital Directories & Wayfinding

Help patients find key hospital offices, pharmacy locations, examination rooms and amenities with digital maps, directories and pointers.

Operating Room & Medical Boards

Provide real-time updates on rooms that are available so nurses and staff can do effective scheduling and management.

Employee Bulletin Boards

Facilitate internal communication and support staff training with digital boards that communicate your message to hospital staff, helps organize operational info, present client intakes, rotation, care and more.

Digital Advertising Screens

Use your own digital sign network for image advertising, promote hospital services, new procedures, products, seasonal offers, employee recruitment and more.

Engage Patients & Visitors

Provide positive messages, entertainment, tips and helpful information in waiting areas to calm and ease anxious patients and visitors.

Some Digital Sign Models Include:

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