LG 43” One:Quick Flex All-In-One Meeting & Screenshare Solution for Video Conferencing & Collaboration

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  • 43” UHD 4K Resolution (3,840 x 2,160)
  •  Built-in Windows PC & Speakers
  •  FHD 2K Camera & Built-in Microphones
  • In-Cell Touch Digital Whiteboard with Touch Pen
  •  Pre-installed Video Conferencing Applications
  •  Easily Transported with Movable Stand & Adjustable Screen

All-in-One Display
for Effective Collaboration

All-in-One Display for Simple and Quick Video Call

With LG One:Quick Flex’s 43-inch all-in-one display complete with a built-in camera, microphones, and speakers – there’s no need to stress over online meetings and calls. Connect to and set up video conferences with ease.

Collaborate Smarter with Touch and Drawing

Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the One:Quick Flex turns ideas into reality. With a dedicated touch pen users can take notes, annotate, and draw on the whiteboard with ease. Save your drawn additions as easily accessible files that can even be shared via mobile phone.

Easy Transport with a Movable Stand

The One:Quick Flex can be used indoors and can be moved virtually anywhere with its mobile stand. From a private office to a public lounge, it can fill many roles – such as video conferencing, design demonstrations, collaboration, and more.

Screen Rotation

When using the dedicated stand, the One:Quick Flex supports horizontal or vertical screen rotation, allowing you to engage with content according to its correct aspect ratio.

Adjustable Height

The height of the stand can be adjusted to meet the posture or height of the user. (up to 9.5 cm)

Intuitive UX and Excellent Expandability

EThe touch-based UX of One:Quick Flex is designed to be similar to a mobile touch UX, making it familiar and easy to use. Similarly, the Windows-based operating system makes it simple to install and run recognizable programs with its large library of applications and tools.

Voice Ordering

Users can also perform key functions with voice commands without needing to use the touch screen.

A Sleek Design that Blends
with the Space

Moving beyond the conventional black color, the One:Quick Flex is also available in a stylish beige that features a smooth finish that effortlessly blends in with its surroundings.


Floor Stand Compatible with the One:Quick Flex

The wheeled floor stand allows the LG One: Quick Flex to be moved virtually anywhere indoors to suit one’s needs.

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