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Pillow Speakers

Curbell Pillow Speakers® work specifically with healthcare televisions. These advanced pillow speakers provide the convenience of the conventional home remote in a hospital setting. Instantaneous on/off, channel up, channel down, and closed caption are just some of the features.

TB&A provides a full line of Curbell Pillow Speakers, Adapters, Call Cords and Jumper Cables.

Curbell designed the new Gen4 pillow speaker line from the ground up, combining the best features of previous pillow speakers, suggestions from customers, and new materials and techniques. The Gen4 Pillow Speakers are a step ahead of anything else in the nurse call industry today.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • Buttons are easy to find and press
  • Streamlined and lightweight, like home remote controls
  • Crystal clear sound

Click here to download Gen4 Brochure (5.4 mb)

Infection Control:

  • Proprietary design aids in infection control by preventing liquid contaminants from entering into the unit (even in the speaker area), where they could be passed from patient to patient
  • Smooth shape allows for quick and easy cleaning, helping to ensure that dirt and grime cannot collect on the unit.

Additional Features and Options


All Gen4 pillow speakers can be easily reprogrammed in the field for different televisions.

Optional Headphone

Ideal for creating a quieter environment for patient rooms. Simply plug in 1/8″ plug earphones.

Optional Volume

Ideal for situations where two pillow speakers need to control one TV.

GEN III DPS Direct Access Pillow Speaker

Designed with both the patient and the facility in mind, Curbell has the pillow speakers to support most nurse call systems. Reliable, durable and patient friendly, Curbell technology keeps the lines of communication open. Curbell units are suitable for oxygen-enriched atmosphere.

For over 40 years, Curbell has pioneered the design and development of pillow speakers for the healthcare market — setting the bar for product features:

Click here to download Gen3 Brochure (1.0 mb)

Available in ten standard overlays


  • Custom designs for each hospital ’s individual needs

Ease of Operation:

  • Nurse Call function comes standard with Braille
  • Large buttons are easy for patients to understand and operate
  • Raised texture on overlay and distinctive colors provide easy-to-locate buttons
  • Convenient top–exit cord design


  • Long–lasting micro switches used for Nurse Call and Auxiliary functions are rated for 30VDC,1A
  • Strain relief provided on all connections
  • Sealed overlay


  • Safe for use in oxygen–enriched environments
  • Electrostatic Discharge ((ESD) resistant design
  • Self–extinguishing case material


High impact plastic (PCABS)
UL flammability rating 94V-O
Sealed to IPX4 (based on IEC 60529 Standard)

SPDT momentary contacts
For connection to power limited
circuits of 3OV DC,1.0A or less

Standard: Linen Clip (FA-110)

8 3/8″H x 3 1/4″W x 1 1/4″D

GEN II DPS Pillow Speaker Accessories

TB&A also carries a full line of replacement parts and accessories for Gen II Curbell Pillow Speakers. Contact TB&A for more info.

WPA 4000 Remote Entertainment Station

Curbell’s Remote Entertainment Station provides convenient wall-mounted control of a healthcare grade television, and up to four low-voltage room auxiliaries for visitor use. It allows supplemental television access without disturbing the patient, preserving a quiet atmosphere. It can also be used in waiting and lobby areas to eliminate the need for remote controls.

The Remote Entertainment Station provides easy access to the same TV features as a pillow speaker. Visitors can watch television in the hospital room without disturbing the patient. In waiting rooms, audio is brought to the seating area, helping to create a quieter atmosphere.

Click here to download PDF spec sheet (688k)


  • Same TV features as a pillow speaker
  • Creates a visitor-friendly, home-like environment
  • The Remote Entertainment Station is easily reprogrammed for any healthcare grade television
  • Allows control of up to four room auxiliaries such as lighting, temperature, and drapes
  • Two headphone jacks are ideal for creating a quieter environment
  • Meets or exceeds UL-60065 and FCC Part 15 Class B


  • High impact plastic (ABS) case
  • UL flammability rating 94V-O
  • Dimensions 8.5″ W x 5″ H x 1.25″ D
  • Mounting Mounts to a two gang masonry box
  • SPDT momentary contacts for connection to power-limited circuits of 3OV DC, 500 mA or less Wiring Cable harness included
  • Easy to install and repair
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty Parts and Labor

Jumper Cables

Standard Jumper Cables:

JU36-0301/4″ to 1/4″
JU36-0501/4″ to 6 Pin
JU36-2801/4″ to 6 RJ12
JU36-7751/8″ to 1/8″ Males
JU36-7701/8″ to 5 Pin
JU36-7201/8″ to 6 Pin
JU36-7101/8″ to 6 Pin Female
JU36-7071/8″ to RJ12
JU36-0405 pin to 1/4″
JU36-0705 Pin to 5 Pin
JU36-1405 Pin to RJ12
JU36-2605 Pin to RJ12 (Call with specifications)
JU36-0906 Pin to 5 Pin
JU36-2706 Pin to 5 Pin Din
JU36-1106 Pin to 6 Pin (3 pins wired)
JU36-1206 Pin to 6 Pin (all pins wired)
JU36-1506 Pin to RJ12
JU36-0969 Pin to 5 Pin
JU36-1909 Pin to 6 Pin
JU36-010Coaxial Cable

Specialty Jumper Cables

JU06-1601/4” male to 1/4” female
JU06-1651/4” to double 1/4” receptacles
JU06-31110 pin Plug Saver
JU10-0108 Pin Din Plug Saver
JU12-020Adaptor Cable, 6 pin to 5 pin female
JU06-020Mini Jumper Cable
JU36-010Coaxial Cable


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